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The American Hobby - Small Greenhouse Design

The American Classic is our primary, largest and most elegant greenhouse. It's also relatively expensive, large and out of the range of many homeowners. Not everyone has the time or the budget to handle a greenhouse so large. For those people, we have the perfect solution. That solution is the American Hobby greenhouse.

he American Hobby greenhouse is a small greenhouse. It's no larger than a small garden and does not need all the architectural intensity that the American Classic has. One of our hobby greenhouses is perfectly at home in any back yard. They're perfect for raising a handful of plants at the start of spring for later planting, or for keeping an active cycle of growth going through the year. While many of them don't come standard with the automatic fan and vent controls we offer, they can be purchased and installed easily.

American Hobby Small Greenhouse

Our American Hobby greenhouses are just as beautiful and just as sturdy as the American Classic line. They all offer the same solid construction with the same high quality aluminum and steel frames as the rest of our greenhouses. Every pane of glass is tempered and safe, and they can all be replaced with cold-resistance polycarbonate if so desired.

The American Hobby greenhouse is a small greenhouse, but that doesn't mean it lacks elegance. You can purchase one in either a straight eave or curved eave design, just as with our American Classic. The aluminum vented storm door is just as strong as any other greenhouse door we offer. In fact, the American Hobby greenhouse is virtually the same as our larger models. The only difference between them is the size and the cost.

Even though the American Hobby is a small greenhouse, it does not lack the durability and beauty we offer. Every Texas Greenhouse Company product is made to fit the highest code for any area across the country. You will never find one lacking. With the wide variety of accessories we offer alongside our greenhouses, you have plenty of options for making it as automated and as robust as you could desire.

The American Hobby greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses you can find for a low budget. They're perfect for any homeowner with minimal space to work with. In fact, we'll go so far as to say they're one of the best greenhouses available anywhere across the country.

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