American Classic Lean-to

The American Classic greenhouse comes in more forms than just the freestanding outbuilding. In fact, one of the most popular versions of the American Classic is the lean to greenhouse.

The American Classic lean to greenhouse differs from the standard American Classic because it shares a wall with the home or other building against which it is built. These lean to greenhouses are built to merge seamlessly with the building they're attached to. We can match the color and style of the building, or simply leave it as a glass and metal frame, whichever choice suits your design the best.

Texas Greenhouse Company Lean-To

American Classic lean to style greenhouses have all the strength of construction that the full size line offers. Every pane of glass is tempered for safety, and can be replaced with insulated or polycarbonate glass upon request. Lean to style greenhouses are just as sturdy and durable in the winter in northern climates as their freestanding cousins. All of them offer the same high quality aluminum and steel frames, and are designed to meet or exceed any greenhouse building code.

While our standard greenhouse colors are green, bronze and black, we have a wide array of other colors available. Call us for a sample of any color you could choose from our catalog. We can match virtually any color or style of building our lean to greenhouse attaches to.

American Lean-To Greenhouse

Just like with our freestanding America Classic styles, all of our lean to style greenhouses are delivered and installed anywhere across the United States. They're available in a wide variety of lengths and widths, to suit any space requirement you may have for your greenhouse. With both upper and lower shelves standard on all models, you'll have a functional and elegant greenhouse set up for use in no time.

Our lean to models all offer ventilation appropriate for their style. Combine the greenhouse with extra ventilation, fog or misting machines, and other greenhouse accessories all in one order. Every piece of the greenhouse will be shipped by motor freight and assembled the same day as delivery. Call us today for a quote on a greenhouse style of your choice or to request a color sample. We guarantee the most durable and up to code greenhouses with the most elegant designs anywhere in the country. The American Classic greenhouse lean to is one of the best budget greenhouse options available anywhere.