Bay View Window

Sometimes you want to be able to grow a handful of plants, without the expense or hassle of a full size greenhouse. Sometimes sticking them in a pot in the window is enough, but what if there's too much shade or too much of a draft? We at the Texas Greenhouse Company have the perfect solution for you.

The perfect solution is our Bayview Windows. These windows are like miniature greenhouses fastened over your existing windows. They form a small enclosed environment perfect for growing a handful of small plants. Just imagine the convenience of opened your kitchen window and harvesting a few clippings of fresh basil, rosemary, thyme or chives. The absolute convenience of a bayview greenhouse window is second to none.

Bay View Window

Unlike with a full size commercial greenhouse, you don't need any fancy misting systems or ventilation fans or thermostats to make full use of a bayview window. All it does is provides an ideal growing environment for your plants without the hassle or expense of a full size greenhouse system.

Our bayview windows are no different from our full size greenhouses in one respect: quality. They're just as beautifully elegant as our American Classic commercial greenhouse designs, and they're made of the same high quality materials. They're framed in galvanized steel and high grade aluminum. The glazing is your choice of tempered safety glass or insulated polycarbonate. Any accessory you buy from us comes with our stamp of approval.

Bay View Greenhouse Window Designs

Just like our full size greenhouses, our bayview windows are delivered and installed anywhere across the entire United States. Our installers are professionally trained to assemble any of our greenhouses quickly and accurately. Any of our greenhouses for sale can and will be assembled sturdily and their quality construction means they will last for years.

The Texas Greenhouse Company has a reputation for quality and durability without sacrificing beauty and elegance. This reputation extends from our American Classic freestanding greenhouses to our lean to greenhouses all the way to these bayview windows. No matter what your needs, our greenhouses are the best you can possibly find anywhere.