May 22, 2014

On February 26, 1983, my husband gave me a beautifully wrapped gift box for our seventeenth anniversary, a box of nuts, bolts and glass clips! He had ordered me a Texas Greenhouse as a surprise! That was thirty-one years ago and I still enjoy the greenhouse as much today as I did back then. There have been very few days in all those years when I didn't check on something I had growing in the greenhouse. I tell people the greenhouse was expensive but much more reasonable than the cost for that many years of therapy! I almost thin of my gree house as medicinal, it has been a total joy and I highly recommend Texas Greenhous Co. without any reservation whatsoever!

Shreveport, LA

October 21, 2013

Please tell Lowen and Ned, who worked on my greenhouse project, that they did an awesome job and I didn't have a chance to say thank you.

Southlake, TX

February 13, 2013

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you for the excellent and punctual service that was done on my greenhouse.

Dallas, TX

February 11, 2009

Eddie, Warren

The project was completed today. I have nothing but compliments for the installation crew, Lowen, Rick and John, who did a first rate job. They were fast, efficient, courteous and professional in their accomplishment of the task, and they obviously take great pride in the product and their work. I am particularly impressed with their good team work. My wife and I both enjoyed interacting with them.

I know that some of our neighbors will be curious about it and I will not hesitate to recommend you to them. I took some pictures of the installation in progress and have attached them here. Please share them with the crew when you can

Annandale, VA

May 16, 2007

Dear Warren and Tom,

The greenhouse is complete and I could not be happier with the quality and the attention to detail. It is very obvious that you guys know how to design and build a greenhouse. But that is not what I am writing about. I would like to take a moment to tell you how pleased I was with the crew who assembled my house. James and the “James Gang” were punctual, efficient, professional and polite. I could not have asked for a better service or a better experience. You are very fortunate to have these guys representing your company.

Best wishes,

Knoxville, TN

May 4, 2007

Tom, the greenhouse is fantastic! We have had strangers drive all the way up the drive to take a look because it looks so beautiful as you come around the curve. Yes, we would be happy to have a potential customer come and see – and I could also tell them how great the crew was – John, Rick, Junior, and Mike, as I recall. Too bad they couldn’t work this week in our sunshine – they got a pretty raw deal on the weather!

Dexter, MI

April 19, 2006


Two shots of the Texas Greenhouse! Plumbing and electrical are in the works; tomorrow, top soil will be delivered and irrigation/landscaping will take shape. We are very pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship.

The installation crew headed by Lowen Shivers was very efficient. Hard work, getting here each morning early, focused, intent on doing a good job—describe Lowen and his crew of Tony, Steven and John.

Each day the crew cleaned up/sacked their debris; there was no “goofing off” (and I am an expert at detecting that!) and the work was professionally done. Outstanding.

A special thanks to you for your involvement; your sales knowledge made this an easy “buy” and you were there every time there was a question. Warren Cronin was extremely helpful with technical details and assistance, as well as being patient with questions and extremely courteous.

This will not be my first/last greenhouse! You can be assured that Texas Greenhouse Company will be my first choice for the next level!


Baton Rouge, LA

September 11, 2006

Texas Greenhouse Company

Thank you for your work with Parkway Partners. You should claim our greenhouse as one of the great success stories of Hurricane Katrina! When I returned there were only 3 panes of glass missing, while residences around us fell down to the ground in the high winds.

Parkway Partners
New Orleans, LA

July 12, 2005

Texas Greenhouse Co.

My Texas Greenhouse in these pictures has been exposed to the eye wall of Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis. The eye wall of both hurricanes passed directly over this greenhouse and it was exposed to estimated 100 mph winds for 45 minutes or longer both times.

The hurricanes destroyed my neighbor’s barns, roof tops, 100 pecan trees in my pecan orchard but not my Texas Greenhouse. All my neighbors were amazed that the greenhouse is still standing with no damage. Thanks for the great design and installation job.

Atmore, AL