Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

The Texas Greenhouse Company knows that it takes more than just a greenhouse building to make a successful growing season. That is why we have a wide variety of accessories available for purchase to enhance your greenhouse. We have everything from cold frames and propagation mats to misting fans and thermostats that take all the guesswork out of growing.

Our greenhouse ventilation systems are top notch. Not only do we have heavy-duty shutter systems available for our greenhouses, but we offer shutter mounted ventilation fans as well. Vents can be controlled manually with small motors or automatically according to thermostats. Never let the temperature rise too high or drop too low with our affordable climate control.

Our misting fans are some of our best greenhouse accessories. A good misting fan can spread moisture over an entire greenhouse without concentrating it all in one place. A misting fan or a fog system installed in your greenhouse can keep your plants moist without over-watering them. This is particularly important for parched climates where dryness is a concern.

Misting systems also help to compliment soil-watering systems like drip hoses. Air circulation fans can help spread the range of our misting systems to accommodate larger greenhouses. Meanwhile smaller misting systems can easily cover our lean to size greenhouses or our hobby greenhouses.

For the largest size commercial greenhouses we offer, we have heavy-duty climate control machines. Controllable from one single control panel, you are able to open and close hundreds of feet of vents, turn on large intake and output fans, and even control the direction of the airflow. For large commercial greenhouses, this climate control is a must.

For cooler climates, we even offer heaters for your greenhouse. With a good heater, you can start your growing season long before you could plant seeds outdoors. We have shading systems of various colors and styles to keep the sun off the plants you may want to give partial shade. We also offer a variety of hand tools and accessories to help make your gardening experience the easiest it can be.

With all of these accessories available to you, how can you not choose a Texas Greenhouse Company product? Call us today for a quote on a greenhouse, or for a copy of our accessory catalog. We ship anywhere across the country for any order, large or small. There's no better greenhouse company anywhere.

Garden Accessory Catalog

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